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SoftTech Outsourcing is the part of CallTech Outsourcing group of companies providing high standard outsourcing services since 2005, with the individual approach to each customer. Our clients gain the ability to accelerate their growth and expand their products and services far beyond their internal capabilities, thereby increasing their competitive advantage. Nowadays, SoftTech Outsourcing is a rapidly developing outsourcing company with many years of the market experience..
Through the years, CallTech Outsourcing has been partnering with more than hundred well-known companies Worldwide providing the wide range of outsourcing services. Our focus on modern technologies helps us accumulate world class technology professionals who prosper on our clients success. Our team diverse experience, education and background create a basis for deep collective pool of knowledge and talent. CallTech Outsourcing consistently succeeded by delivering to the highest levels of outsourcing services.

With almost 12 years of the market experience we have gain deep knowledge of the outsourcing call center processes.
We are proud to introduce you our first own developed business tools which were specially tailored to meet your company needs whatever you are in the call center business or you run any other small or medium size business, our professional business applications would be very useful and powerful tools to optimize your overall operational processes.

workforce management
We are ready to offer you fully functional WFM system (work force management). Our WFM system can drive better return on all your labor investment. Controlling labor costs is a key concern for organizations of every size, and in every sector. SoftTech Workforce Management System is a comprehensive solution that aligns labor management with corporate strategy, address forecasting and budgeting, scheduling, time and attendance, performance management, and compliance, streamlining processes to increase efficiency while encouraging employees to focus on activities that generate more value. Our use- friendly application would be useful tool for your team work monitor and planning including salary calculation vacation submission and many other useful features. Controlling your staff performance were never so easy.
Other key features of our WFM system are:
  • Time and attendance tracking;
  • Employee scheduling;
  • Demand prediction;
  • Payroll administration;
  • Benefits administration;
  • Training programs;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • Vacation and leave planning;
  • Career planning;
  • Fully customized;
  • Available on all major European languages;
  • Customer support.
Customer relation management
CRM system ( Customer relation management) is the powerful tool which helps your organization to efficiently manage all your existing customers , plan future sales, generate leads and prospects. SoftTech CRM is a system that enables you to nurture relationships with customers and prospects to drive sales or sustain long-term profitability. It also aggregates streams of customer data to surface insights that help you make better business decisions. As more customers look for products and services that understand their needs and responsive to their situations, businesses find it necessary to personalize customer interactions to stay competitive.
Key features of SoftTech CRM:
  • Contact Management;
  • Sales Team and Customer
    Opportunity Management;
  • Lead Management for
    determining high-quality leads;
  • Reports and Dashboards;
  • Sales Analytics;
  • Sales Forecasting;
  • Sales Collaboration;
  • Email Client Integration;
  • Workflow and Approvals;
  • Sales Data;
  • Sales Performance Management;
  • Chat integration;
  • Call Center Automation
    and Integration;
  • Web-based / Cloud-Based CRM
    or on-premise CRM deployment;
  • Online Support Environments;
  • Role-based Views;
  • Control what different users see
    within your CRM;
  • Web Forms, Web-to-Lead;
  • Campaign Management;
  • Customization option's;
  • Case Management / Customer
  • Fully customized;
  • Available on all major European languages;
  • Customer support.
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